Tragging Fixed Assets Management and Tracking Software Major Features


Visual Interaction: The most distinguishable feature and the essence trait whereupon Tragging Fixed Assets Tracking and Management Software is built


Color Indicator: Color is a powerful tool for communicating and can be used to indicate an action or a certain condition or status
Software does not have to be dull and boring, Tragging Fixed Assets Software is well-designed and visually appealing, to ensure the best user experience; each color indicates to status of each asset after the last scan


User-Friendly: Tragging Fixed Assets Software does not require any prior experience or skills neither in the accounting nor the finance fields, it’s tailored to suit all users expertise levels regardless of their backgrounds and their domain of specialities.

Main Dashboard

Reports Dashboard


Multi-Assets Structure: Tragging Fixed Assets offers a variety of structures, this feature allows the user to create a like-map simulation to the company whereby each asset can be allocated to separate buildings, floors and rooms to be accurately tracked and controlled


Dynamic Reports: Tragging Fixed Assets Software provides a diverse set of reports, some of them are designed to be customized based on the criteria that meets your needs


Multi-User Level: The Admin can issue different access levels to each user based on their duties and the tasks assigned to them to prevent discrepancies and define the framework of collective responsibilities


Bulk Entries: Data entry could be performed by defining each asset individually or by bulk assets registration through the multi-scan option


Maintenance Schedule: Tragging Fixed Assets software will enable you to schedule necessary maintenance or services for your equipment at appropriate times


Asset Consignment: Assets can be consigned through several arrangements and to different agents, Tragging Fixed Assets allows you to maintain all your consigned assets records


Move Assets: Fixed Assets Software allows you to edit assets locations and move any asset from its original location to any other place within the predefined company structure


Group Assets: In some cases Fixed assets could be assembled to form a more valuable asset, Tragging Fixed Assets enables you to regroup assets and re-locate their positions

Tragging Fixed Assets Software Actions


Reminder & Custom Alerts: Eliminate errors by creating automated alerts for important events such as warranty expiry or fixed asset’s maintenance schedule


Pinpoint: A feature that prohibits RFID reader from reading tags that are outside the room in order to accurately confine assets inventory to each room separately


Reports Filter: Ability to sort, sequence, and filter reports by any user-defined fields.