RFID systems have been available for years, but those who have tried an RFID implementation have found it to be more complicated than expected. As with most complex undertakings, up front education and planning increases the chance of success. Therefore, Installing and activating the RFID system is considered to be the most crucial and vital element of the success or even failure of the company as a whole. This very step requires the collaboration and the combined efforts of all the departments of the organization and that of the specialized company or the supplier of RFID technology in order to achieve the best results that could be. Therefore, we strictly recommend that there should be a thorough preparation and coordination before initiating the implementation process.

We at Tragging ,  take it to the extremes when handling this process where we have an elite RFID specialists collaborating with accountants, financial auditors, and programmers to prepare and monitor the installation process.

Before implement RFID solution you should

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