Tragging Fixed Assets Software Video Guide 

Fixed assets management and Tracking software Quick Start Guide for Tragging.
Tragging Fixed Assets Software is an inventory management and asset tracking software, which meets the requirements of all business sizes such as educational institutions, warehouse management, healthcare, governmental and many others. Not like our opponents, we offer special features that make our asset tracking software ideal for your needs and inventory management. Now with the release of our newest version of Fixed Assets Tracking software, we have released new features and a quick start guide to help clients in the setup procedure so they start their tracking process quickly and easily.
The great benefit of asset and inventory control is reducing the costly asset tracking mistakes and inaccuracy, helping to improve customer service, and to grow significantly your business. Our Fixed Assets Tracking software is extremely easy to use and implement without the worry of high cost or difficulty of large inventory tracking systems.
Asset Tracking software is 100% based on RFID system, this smart RFID system makes the inventory control process so much easier, no need to scan items individually like you have to do with barcodes, now you go into the room and scan all assets inside a single room with just ONE CLICK! Controlling your inventory, fixed assets, warehouse will get so much easier thanks to RFID.
Track the flow of your fixed assets by using RFID to move, check in, check out and detect misplaced assets within your company, warehouse, distribution center, or store room.

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