RFID in Educational Sector

Since the last few decades, the educators’ ultimate mission has been to find out the best ways to improve the reporting of students’ attendance, security, management, and fixed assets tracking in schools and universities and any other educational institution. As, the RFID technology emerged, some schools and educational institutions has embraced it with arms wide open. Those Tiny tags, inexpensive chips comprised of a microprocessor, memory, power supply and transmitter permits a computer network to identify any item that a tag is fixed onto. It’s quite a simple idea and one with multiple applications in all ort of industries. With the RFID tags, students can be tracked and offered with multiple services, educational institute’s fixed assets can be tracked and managed, and research samples can be automatically identified. By associating objects in the real world with systems in the computer world, networks become aware of objects, making many new applications come to life. An RFID tag weighs only a few grams where it can be fixed onto any surface of any object which permits a system to use that data to identify, track and audit the things that have been tagged.

With introducing this revolutionary technology, educational institutes has proved its advantages by remarkably reducing teacher’s workload, it helped management to immediately be notified when someone didn’t attend the class instead of taking the attendance of those who are actually present and wasting time, thus improving attendance reporting efficiencies. That’s because it is impossible to manipulate with the attendance as the system can automatically detect frauds and notify the administration immediately.

However, like any other technology that invades our world, it is usually faced with doubts and skeptics; this is why it is crucial to communicate RFID technology’s abilities and limitations and in order to get the most of it. One of the appealing features of RFID tags is their compact and robust nature. Tags come in a variety of formats that are able to endure extremes temperatures and chemical and other environmental hazards.

In order to have the best of the RFID technology, you must try to implement it in the best way possible. RFID doesn’t only help the administration with tracking students and teachers’ attendance but also goes beyond that and helps in tracking and managing fixed assets.

Fixed assets in an educational institute are basically comprised of computers, laptops, smart devices, books, furniture, labs equipment, and other school supplies etc.

Since, fixed assets tracking is a crucial matter especially in large intuitions like schools or universities, a reliable, automated fixed asset tracking software is much needed in order to efficiently and accurately track those fixed assets in real time and consequently reduce sacking, expenses and work overload. The solution is to merge passive and active RFID into a reliable system.

This is why adopting a fixed assets tracking software is extremely essential, it ensures you a tremendous deal of accuracy and reduces labor thus cutting costs. Since RFID readers scans multiple tags at once without the need to have a direct alignment of sight, management will be able to rapidly and precisely locate their fixed assets. Indeed, conducting the inventory process with the use of RFID will be a piece of cake and will reduce inventory conduct time and increase efficiency and accuracy at the same time. Not to mention swiftly locate fixed assets, achieve real-time physical inventory of fixed assets, improve productivity by monitoring fixed assets and infrastructure, deliver more convenient information for decision making, enhancing security by averting fixed assets from leaving the organization’s premises.

Moreover, the quantity and diversity of fixed assets that educational institutions possess demands a highly reliable RFID-based fixed assets tracking software to enhance inventory accuracy, increases process efficiencies and helps protect tagged fixed assets.

So let’s take a glance at how RFID works:

  • RFID technology can read many tags at once, without requiring a direct line of sight.
  • An RFID reader scans all identified tags a range of 3 meters with just a click of a button, retrieving fixed asset information to the database.
  • Assets are registered as found, not found, in another location, doesn’t belong to this location, or doesn’t have a default location.

The importance of RFID Application in Keeping track of fixed assets and people.

Information technologies are making a major leap in our world that is contributing in improving the effectiveness of all industries including academic. RFID has risen to enhance the ability of educational institutes to keep track of students, books, fixed assets, research samples etc. RFID allows information to be read or written, without the need to be in direct contact with the reader, where tags can be fixed to all sort of fixed assets. RFID technology makes it possible to identify both fixed assets and individuals. These tags can be read and written with the lowest cost scanners providing a swift, with the need for a physical contact, way of determining where fixed assets are, what fixed assets are, when were the fixed assets last used or checked. RFID fixed assets tracking software can link fixed assets and their location; fixed assets and the people that use those fixed assets; people and the places they go. Continuous developments in the field of information technology can make a major breakthrough of practical applications and create opportunities for cost cutting in many administrative areas of organizations.

RFID is used to deliver potential cash savings and efficiency improvements through:

  • Maximizing productivity
  • Maximizing in the accuracy of capturing data
  • Work in progress tracking
  • Controlling quality

RFID is highly versatile, commonly used and proven technology for monitoring fixed assets and people. It can be used to detect the fixed assets whereabouts, track the fixed assets history of use, and help control where those fixed asset can (or cannot) be used.

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Advantages from using RFID Fixed Assets Tracking Software in educational institutions and benefits on ROI are:

  • Allowing interaction in research projects
  • Managing and controlling Maintenance
  • Access control to buildings or areas within buildings
  • Monitoring of security staff activities on site
  • Health, safety & environmental compliance

These advantages of Fixed Assets Tracking Software can be translated into financial benefits that provide the basis for a return on investment in the use of RFID technology, while others can contribute to the organizations academic goals by enabling or improving different research projects. Some of the value most often experienced by universities and colleges introducing RFID include:

  • Enhanced security and reduced loss of research equipment and other capital items
  • Speeding information flows on the location of equipment
  • Improving control of maintenance and health and safety processes.
  • Reducing paperwork and making efficient information capture possible in demanding environments
  • Gaining real time information on the progress of projects as an aid
  • Lower asset costs for equipment through better utilization
  • Less “shrinkage” in inventory and asset base
  • Cost savings in health and safety compliance
  • Lower administration costs for student service

Here are some examples of RFID application in the educational sector:

  • An elementary school outside of Sacramento, California, in 2005 started following the lead
  • A Houston, Texas, school district began using the chips to monitor students on 13 campuses in 2004
  • Cardiff University implemented an RFID based self-service library system across four sites between 2007 and 2009
  • In 2007 Hungerhill High School in Doncaster, UK, trialled RFID chips embedded in school blazers
  • A preschool in Richmond, California, started embedding RFID chips in students’ clothing in 2010
  • A Texas school district started planting the tags on student identification cards to monitor students movements on campus, and to track them as they come and go from school

In May 2012, West Cheshire College, a 14-19 vocational college with 20,000 pupils, was using active RFID tags to monitor students’ movements in real time
  • A school at Chiayi in Taiwan, successfully implemented RFID technology into its campus
  • Lund University has applied this technique to tagging small birds as part of their work on migration and animal behavior
  • Universities across the United Arab Emirates are using RFID labels to validate qualifications awarded by 50 institutions across the country.

We at Tragging, keep track of our clients’ most valuable fixed assets by offering our exquisite fixed asset tracking software that supports both active and passive RFID tags depending on our customers’ environments and objectives, enabling them to track and manage all of their assets across hundreds of campuses.

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>Finally, fixed asset tracking software allows companies, in any industry be it banking, healthcare, or education, etc. to track what fixed assets it owns, where are those fixed assets located, who has the fixed assets, when were the fixed assets checked out, when are fixed assets due for return, when are fixed assets scheduled for maintenance, and the cost and depreciation of each fixed asset.

It is worthy of notice that the benefits of a fixed asset tracking software outweigh the costs of the program. It is important that before purchasing a Fixed Assets Tracking Software that you assess where your business stands and where you intend it to be within the near future.

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The best way to understand the benefits of Tragging Fixed Assets Software is to see it in action. We offer demonstrations for people who are interested in exploring our software further. It will take less than 30 minutes, enjoy!

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