Fixed Asset Management is the process of managing fixed assets from purchase to disposal, including replenishment.  RFID is the emerging technology to identify fixed assets in the most accurate and rapid way possible. Every organization uses hundreds of fixed assets on a daily basis. A fixed asset is any item that a business uses internally, such as IT equipment, office equipment, tools, etc. Fixed assets are a primary constituent of any small or medium sized business or organization, but tracking those fixed assets can be challenging and time consuming. But with the technological advances, many solutions have been developed to simplify and organize work tasks such as fixed asset tracking software, ensuring high efficiency and more productivity. A properly integrated fixed asset tracking and managing solution can help your company track your fixed assets efficiently and accurately. Instead of wasting time searching for and replacing lost fixed assets, you can keep track of all your fixed assets with a suitable, easy to use complete fixed asset and inventory tracking and managing system. The best fixed asset and inventory tracking and managing software solutions enable small and medium enterprises to track and manage fixed assets, keep maintenance schedules, identify fixed asset locations etc.

RFID Fixed Assets Tracking Software provides the key for sustaining a competitive advantage. RFID Fixed Assets Tracking software saves valuable time and rids you of the need for spreadsheets, while guaranteeing a suitable inventory management for your organization. With an RFID Fixed Assets Tracking Software, you can immediately know who has which fixed assets, when should the fixed assets be retrieved, the date of purchase of the fixed assets, and when do the fixed assets need replenishment of repairing.

The first step in determining a fixed asset tracking software is to understand whether you are handling fixed assets or inventory. As we have previously stated that fixed assets are those permanent items that are used internally to accomplish tasks like the computers, printers, etc. thus must be returned back to the organization’s premises when employees are through with them. A fixed asset is tracked as a unique item hence each item has its own unique RFID tag. The main issue is to have the exact information about each fixed asset like the fixed asset’s location, the fixed asset’s condition, purchase date of the fixed asset, value of the fixed asset, custodian of the fixed asset, when was the fixed asset’s last maintained, etc…

Inventory tracking, on the other hand refers to objects that are sold, distributed, or consumed by a company. Ultimately, you want to know how many you have in stock and when to order more. Thus, reporting is the very essence of tracking and managing software as it will provide you with a substantial degree of visibility of fixed assets.

When choosing to implement a reliable RFID fixed assets tracking software there are typically few questions to address and keep in mind:

  • How many fixed assets do you need to track?
    • What type of fixed assets are you tracking?
    • Where are the fixed assets located? How many locations do you have?
    • Are the fixed assets already labeled?
    • How many RFID tags do you need?
    • What type of reporting will you need from the software?
    • How many users will you have?

Gathering and keeping accurate records of your fixed assets can be a time consuming and expensive task. Integrating the best convenient solution will put your company’s valuable fixed assets under your full control. The aim of any robust system is to maximize your fixed asset control efficiency and minimize your fixed assets’ loss.

Tragging’s Fixed Assets tracking software comprises the following components:

Tragging Fixed Assets Tracking Software -Software is the spine of any system and will determine what features and options are available

RFID Handheld Reader– in order to properly track all fixed assets, you must embed a unique RFID tags onto them. RFID tags offer a lot of advantages with wireless reading of the fixed assets and the possibility of automating your whole process.

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Looking back in time, the options of fixed assets tracking software were quite limited, where small and medium enterprises had to buy inventory management module such as SAP, or accounting software for small businesses (QuickBooks). Those systems proved to be complex, high end, difficult to learn and use. While necessary for large enterprises, such systems are cost and time prohibitive for small and medium enterprises.

Small and medium-size businesses options were rather few. Besides using pen and paper, you could use inventory part of QuickBooks, stand-alone small business inventory management system that runs on computer or Excel. With the exception of high-end QuickBooks products, that functions on the local networks and gives data to multiple office computers, stand-alone inventory management systems for small business must be installed on a single computer. The data has to be entered manually, and are not easily shareable within the company.

At that time there weren’t any software that could deal with both fixed assets and inventory at once. Software for asset management was mostly dealing with fixed asset depreciation schedules and not fixed asset tracking. If you needed to track locations and movement of the fixed assets you had to do it manually. However, with the technological invasion that took over like the Internet, smart phones, RFID the task of inventory management and fixed asset tracking became a lot easier.

The key features of Tragging Fixed Assets® System are:

      • Add, edit, check in, check out, and move fixed assets or quickly do audits and 100% accurate
      • Track fixed assets by site, location, serial number, or user
      • Notifies overdue checkouts, expiring warranties, schedule maintenance, certification/calibration, etc.

      Benefits of Implementing an RFID Fixed Asset Tracking Software are:

      • Increase Organization of fixed Asset Data:an RFID based software solution enables multiple users to access and update fixed asset records in real-time, in one single, comprehensive database.
      • Save Time Preparing Reports:easily and efficiently access fixed asset records
      • Automate Depreciation Calculations: A fixed asset tracking software solution you can depreciate fixed assets over their useful life
      • Maintain Current Condition of fixed Assets:by tracking fixed asset condition and maintenance you acquire an accurate record of your fixed assets
      • Increase Productivity: Collect more data much faster
      • Increase Accuracy: using fixed asset tracking software solution increases efficiency and reduces errors
      • Accountability: reinforces personal responsibility and accountability for company property
      • Improve Operational Efficiency: by improving workflow
      • Generate a Tangible Return on Investment
      • Prevent loss of fixed assets

      If managing fixed assets is a challenge for your organization, a fixed asset tracking software is the ultimate solution for you. We at traggingare fully aware of the value of fixed assets and the importance of integrating high quality software to track those fixed assets. Our fixed assets tracking software Tragging’s Fixed Assets tracking software cover a range of industries and include the most exquisite features.

      We provide an RFID-based fixed assets tracking software which designed to improve fixed asset tracking within your company. Enterprises, large, medium and small, both in Government and private sectors will benefit from our RFID solutions to maximize fixed asset visibility as well as fixed asset utilization within their enterprise.

      SMEs -Small and medium businesses- should pursue a different kind of solution from what has been offered back in the days. They should be looking for the most convenient solution that integrates the latest of technologies. Lucky enough, the on rising solutions are much better than older ones. Keep in mind that the total cost of a fixed assets tracking software is not only the price of the software itself, but the cost of integration with your business, the cost of having data entered and stored in a way that perfectly suits the enterprise.

      It is worthy of notice that the benefits of a fixed asset tracking software outweigh the costs of the program. It is important that before purchasing a fixed assets tracking software that you assess where your business stands and where you intend it to be within the near future.

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The best way to understand the benefits of Tragging Fixed Assets Software is to see it in action. We offer demonstrations for people who are interested in exploring our software further. It will take less than 30 minutes, enjoy!

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